What is this all about?

Video games have a lot to offer the world. Gaming opens up the door to a myriad of life-changing experiences. It is how this generation bonds with each other, discovers their strengths, and frames their view of the world.

+7 Intelligence is a project to celebrate that.

My name is Ches Hall, and +7 Intelligence is my answer to the cloud of confusion surrounding gaming.

Why games?

Anyone who has played games has been told that it is a waste of time. But they have also felt the undeniable joy or inspiration that games generate.

Gamers need a connection to the host of perspectives that cut through the stereotypes and the rhetoric. Game designers, psychologists, scientists, and everyday gamers hold surprising truths about how games invigorate players.

In the end, people will find insights into their own lives as the contribution of video games sharpens into focus.

Plus 7 Intelligence is that connection. It is a podcast where each episode will features conversations with a guest who digs deep into the potential of games. Beyond the news and reviews of a typical podcast, we seek answers to our deepest questions about the intersection of life and gaming.

Who is this Ches guy?

I am simply a guy who loves video games and board games. But instead of being content with the idea that my gaming habit held me back, I set out to find what value games bring. Now, I want to share what I have found with everyone else.

Outside of playing and writing about video games, I engineer stuff at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center and attempt to convince my wife and kids that I am not a dork.