The Journey of a Twitch Streamer + Shanna Zwart a.k.a ShannaNina + 010

I speak with Shanna Zwart, also known as the Twitch Streamer Shannanina We talk about her video game and music streaming career Shanna’s history with video games The personal connection that Shanna has about games[…]

Bonus Level! + Turn Life into a Game Part 2 + Habitica + Leslie + 009

I speak with Leslie – one of the current operators of Habitica – the app that turns your life into a game We talk about how Habitica has been helping people with everything from flossing[…]

Turn Life into a Game + Habitica + Tyler Renelle + 008

Tyler Renelle is the creator and co-founder of Habitica, an app that turns your everyday tasks and habits into a video game We talk about the road from an idea to the successful Kickstarter of[…]

Games for Charity + Child’s Play + Travis Eriksen + 007

+7 Talks with Travis Eriksen of the Gamer-founded charity, Child’s Play We talk about how Child’s Play was founded by gamers of Penny Arcade wanting to counter negative press with positive action How the most[…]

The Psychology of Games + Dr. Jamie Madigan + 006

Dr. Jamie Madigan spreads awareness of what psychology can tell us about video games. How psychology plays a role in designing video games. How a study about memory explains the “one . . . more[…]

Designing Meaningful Games + Serenity Forge + Z Yang + 005

Zhenghua Yang tells how video games helped him through a truly frightening part of his life – and now he creates them to bring meaning to people. Z talks about his first video game created[…]

Bonus Level! + Gaming with a Phobia + 004

In this BONUS episode, a gamer gets help from the community to deal with an unexpected phobia. Links The Reddit post that inspired this episode The Games Without Butterflies spreadsheet +++++++ Share this Episode: 1-click[…]

Video Games for Therapy + Josué Cardona + 003

How video games can be used in mental health counseling Josué Cardona is a mental health counselor who founded Geek Therapy – a site and podcast network devoted to exploring how geek culture can be[…]

Games for World Peace + Paul Darvasi + 002

My guest today flips common stereotypes about games on their head. Paul Darvasi investigates how video games can  foster world peace. What video games can do that no other medium can How video games can[…]

Video Game Archaeology without Lara Croft? + Andrew Reinhard + 001

  Andrew Reinhard is a videogame archaeologist Somehow that is a real thing. We talk about his site Archaeogaming He talks about the infamous E.T. Atari cartridge excavation – the first video game excavation in[…]