It’s Dangerous to Go Alone

Dr. Rafael Boccamazzo, Clinical Director of Take This! talks about his work at the nonprofit promoting mental health in the gaming community The...

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What is Gaming Disorder? + Part 2

Josué Cardona and I continue our discuss with the fallout of recognizing gaming disorder as a mental health condition.  

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What is Gaming Disorder?

Licensed mental health counselor Josué Cardona returns to share his expertise on the classification of “gaming disorder” as a mental health condition by...

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How to Quit Gaming Addiction

Cam Adair, founder of Game Quitters on video game addiction His personal struggle, turning to games for help, and realizing how he could...

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Game Design + Mental Health

Game designer/clinical psychologist Kelli Dunlap discusses the overlap of game design and psychology What she learned from her dissertation on gaming habits +...

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Dark Souls is Good for your Mental Health?!

Episode 1 of a new season and a 7 episode arc on Games + Mental Health Dr. Jennifer Hazel is a psychiatric doctor...

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