Video Game Violence Reprise

Calls for video game legislation and NRA boycotts have me thinking A thorny side of the issue that isn’t often discussed Show announcements...

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Moral Combat + Violence in Video Games + 020

Many of the stories we hear about the video games influencing acts of mass violence are exaggerated or incorrect The flaws of the...

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Coaching for Geeks + Robin Bates + 019

Robin Bates of Coaching for Geeks introduces us to the ways that games can be used for self-development Robin recites the most epic...

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Side Quest Fitness + Robbie Farlow + 018

Robbie Farlow of Side Quest Fitness chats about his video game-inspired coaching methods How boss battles help get motivated to exercise   Links...

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Video Games and Philosophy + Jordan Erica Webber + Dan Griliopoulos + 017

Jordan Erica Webber and Dan Griliopoulos discuss their book Ten Things Video Games Can Teach Us: (about life, philosophy and everything) We discuss...

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Game Dev Loadout + Tony Chan + 016

Tony Chan talks with +7 about developing his first game and about his game dev industry podcast How he bounced back from initial...

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