Interview Livestream Announcement 11/18/18

Tune in Nov 18th (that’s the day this episode is published!) at 6:07pm for a live recording of an interview for +7 Intelligence!...

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Game Flow Documentary

The director of an upcoming documentary on how video games can help alleviate mental health issues, Emily Crawford, shares her experiences with games,...

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Games that Bring Power to the People

Carrie Ray-Hill reveals how they revolutionized education through iCivics How a former Supreme Court Justice decided to change the world through video games...

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What Virtual World Do You Want to Live In?

Dr.Rachel Lawes talks about how her expertise in consumer psychology and her love of gaming overlap We discuss how gamers often want their...

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Games that Challenge What You Believe

Pawel Miechowski of 11bit Studios comes on to talk about their impactful games This War of Mine and Frostpunk He explains how gameplay is...

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The First Game About Peace

Asi Burak, legendary creator of Peacemaker and the Chairman of Games for Change speaks about the huge potential of games to change the...

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