Video Games for Therapy + Josué Cardona + 003

How video games can be used in mental health counseling Josué Cardona is a mental health counselor who founded Geek Therapy – a site and podcast network devoted to exploring how geek culture can be[…]

Games for World Peace + Paul Darvasi + 002

My guest today flips common stereotypes about games on their head. Paul Darvasi investigates how video games can  foster world peace. What video games can do that no other medium can How video games can[…]

Video Game Archaeology without Lara Croft? + Andrew Reinhard + 001

  Andrew Reinhard is a videogame archaeologist Somehow that is a real thing. We talk about his site Archaeogaming He talks about the infamous E.T. Atari cartridge excavation – the first video game excavation in[…]

The Podcast is coming July 17th!

Hey visitors. I am working hard to bring the podcast to you soon. I can’t wait to share the conversations and discussions I am having with game designers, game researchers, psychologists, and extraordinary gamers with[…]