Games for World Peace + Paul Darvasi + 002

  • My guest today flips common stereotypes about games on their head.
  • Paul Darvasi investigates how video games can  foster world peace.
  • What video games can do that no other medium can
  • How video games can promote peace education
  • How video games can be used for conflict resolution
  • How to turn your classroom into a video game
  • How video games can be used in a classroom to teach history
  • How video games can serve as inspiration for immersive experience games to teach literature in a totally different way
  • How video games have influenced Paul’s life


  • Ludic Learning (LINK)
  • Paul’s working paper about video games for UNESCO (LINK)

Games Mentioned

  • Hush (LINK)
  • 1979: Revolution Black Friday (LINK)
  • Depression Quest (LINK)
  • Rome II : Total War (LINK)


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