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Hurricane Week Check-in (Irma)

No new episode this week. Hurricane Irma has required my full attention this week. Just a brief check-in. Check out the...

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From Mass Effect to Dragon’s Den + Gretta + Kim Hansen and Kelly Wright + 011

I speak with Kim Hansen and Kelly Wright, former game designers who have created a tech startup known as Gretta How...

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Games Impact People

No one could have predicted how video games would influence the world. 

Dismissed like new media often is, video games fell into the mental category of “Waste of Time” for a generation.  Even those who partook and enjoyed games did so believing them pointless pursuits.  

Those years of obscurity are over.  The bigger and flashier games are but a symptom of the real impact of play empowered by digital technology. 

Games shaped the people who now shape the world. 

+7 Intelligence

It’s about time that we talk to the people who devoted years of their lives to games – without those pesky pre-conceived notions. Let’s hear about games have left tangible imprints on the world.

Enter the podcast. Each episode interviews people from all walks of life who have been inspired by the games they play. People who have harnessed the magic of play to extraordinary effect.

Season 1 of the show featured 20 interviews with game designers, psychologists, educators, app developers, coaches and I think an archaeologist got in there somehow. Season 2 is loading and should arrive summer 2018, weather permitting.

+ Crafted By

Ches Hall

The man behind the mic. . . and the audio editor . . . and the social media . . . this show is my fault.

By day, I am an engineer at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center.

Video games have been a frequent character in my life’s story: from the educational games I played as a kid, to making a best friend by helping him cheese his way through Majora’s Mask with a guide book, to distracting me from studying, and they fascinate me even now.

Recently I looked back on the inspiration that games have given me contrasted to their reputation and thought, “Someone has got to make a podcast to fix this.” No one had warned me that I am a someone.

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