Schedule an interview/chat

Here is my schedule that is available for recording. Let me know as soon as you can if there is a time that works for you. If you have trouble finding something that works, I will do my best to move my schedule around!

(If you see a blank space here, it means I broke something and I’m working on it – just email me in the meantime)


In the calendar, you can see the next available air date for a new episode. If you need an earlier time, get in touch and we’ll see if a bonus episode is a good fit for you.


To seal the schedule, get back to me at:

Email me at

Phone number is available on request.


Some more recording information:

  • Interviews typically take 45 minutes.
  • I prefer to record using┬áZencastr. For the guest – it is as easy as it gets. Just click the Zencastr link I send you, select your microphone, and we are good to go!
    • Zencastr is audio-only and works in Chrome or Firefox. (Not on mobile, sadly)


Thanks so much for your interest in being on the show! You are in good company (not me, the other guests).